Christina Sage


Courses are provided by Christina Sage, BSc., a trainer and therapist with 25 years experience working with mindfulness, yoga and anxiety management.

Christina trained in Mindfulness for Relapse Prevention at The Centre for Addiction Studies at Bath University, Structural Yoga Therapy, at The Yoga Therapy Centre, London and Cranio Sacral Therapy at The College of Cranio Sacral Therapy, London.

Oxford Recovery Therapies have worked with the following services: Westminster Special Schools, Crisis Skylight Oxford, Two Saints, Cranstoun, Smart, Oxfordshire Mind, The Prison Phoenix Trust, Lifeline Project, The Gatehouse and A2dominion.

What Oxford Recovery Therapies clients say about Christina Sage

“Christina has shown me a way to sit and observe, explore and accept uncomfortable painful feelings and emotions with self-love, kindness and forgiveness.  This has proven invaluable to my recovery from drugs and alcohol.”

“With Christina’s patience, empathy and understanding, I have been able to explore deep painful emotions, both past and present, openly, honestly and safely.”

“Christina provides a kind, safe space, with no judgement or criticism. Her sessions were an an invaluable part of my recovery process.”