Oxford Recovery Therapies - Mindfulness Training


Mindfulness training is now widely recognised as an established effective intervention for relapse prevention and mental health difficulties. It equips the student with the ability to:

  • Observe thoughts and impulses as they arise
  • Refrain from habitual reactions through recognition and release
  • Recognise positive mental states and take self-supporting actions.

Mindfulness is a powerful life-changing tool, that can break cycles of negative behaviour and form new positive patterns.

Oxford Recovery Therapies Mindfulness courses typically run as weekly sessions of one hour, for up to 12 participants. These can be 8-week courses, or a rolling programme as part of an ongoing provision to organisations and clients.  Contact us to find out more.

What Oxford Recovery Therapies clients say about our Mindfulness Training

‘I have always got nervous speaking in a group. After the course I went to a safeguarding meeting with the school, and began to panic as usual, then applied my mindfulness and calmed down. I was able to speak clearly and say what I wanted to say. Afterwards my social worker said she really saw the difference”

“Mindfulness is one of the biggest parts of my recovery. I use it every day. It helped me learn to stop dreading the future and regretting the past”

“I resisted it for a long time and then I realised it was the only way forward”

“I used to think that every difficult situation was a catastrophe, causing me terrible anxiety. Through the sessions I have learned to accept every moment as it comes”