Oxford Recovery Therapies - Yoga Training


Yoga is a tried and tested way of learning to slow down and relax. It equips students with a new way of managing stress and anxiety, allowing a greater sense of ease and well-being to arise. Clients learn to change habitual patterns of response, and take control of their own progress.

The Oxford Recovery Therapy Yoga course has been developed to meet the needs of clients with no previous experience of yoga practice. The exercises are simple, safe and effective and can be repeated at home when necessary.

What Oxford Recovery Therapies clients say about our Yoga Training

“In the past when I have been arrested I have become aggressive and violent. This time when I was held overnight I did the yoga exercises in my cell and was able to stay calm. Thank you!”

“I found the exercise simple and easy, and I soon stopped feeling embarrassed. After that I could really relax and even managed to fall asleep. It really helped”

“I used yoga after I got angry in the probation hostel after having a falling out with one of the residents. Instead of getting angry like I used to I went to my room and did 2hrs of yoga.  It saved me from going back to prison.”

“Just one hour of yoga was a turning point. It calmed my mind back to working positively with my life.”

“The yoga was really good. It was something I never thought I’d like. I thought it was for cabbage-eating people!”

“Yoga has given me something to do when I panic. I lie down stretch and breath so I don’t react. Instead I can calm down and think”